Low Cost Portable Air Quality Monitoring Station [AQM65 (Aeroqual)]



Now you can measure outdoor air pollutants in real-time with high data quality, at a price you can afford. The AQM 65 enables Near Reference performance for half times the cost than traditional reference stations built on analyzers. Compared to cheap alternatives the AQM 65 offers much higher levels of data quality and can be calibrated in the field against certified reference standards for maximum traceability.


  • Can be mounted an any small vehicle to become a mobile monitoring station.
  • Real-time measurement of common pollutants to WHO air quality standard.
  • Compact size creates new possible monitoring locations.
  • Modularity allows addition of sensors over time.
  • Can be calibrated onsite to traceable reference standards.
  • Can be installed by one person in less than 30 minutes.
  • Remote data acquisition system with fail safe on board storage.
  • Temperature control permits long-term operation in extreme climates.
  • Optional integrated and automatic calibration.


Measuring Parameters:
O3, No2, Nox, Co, So2, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, Tsp, Voc, H2S, NMHC, Co2