Neutron Activation Cement Element Analyzer

Online neutron activation cement element analyzer features one cross-belt type online detecting device for cement materials. It is used for online detection of element components during limestone batching and raw meal batching process. By adopting the prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technology, the equipment tests all the materials passing the belt online in a transmission and non-contact mode, without the need to take samples. It can accurately analyze the content of each composition and calculate relevant quality control indexes, thus making real-time and effective control over the production course.
Product Characteristics:

    • Comprehensiveness: Measuring all the material passing by, with strong representativeness
    • Fastness: Giving composition data once per minute
    • Effectiveness: Providing key parameter data for production, so as to make effective control
    • Stability: Dual-loop temperature control, automatic spectrum stabilization and long-term stable operation






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