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Furnace Camera


High Temperature Imaging System

The system utilizes a high-tech combination of electronics, optics and protection to produce high quality, reliable video and temperature data of boiler furnace. Typically the camera is used in conjunction with Pyro-Viper-HD –software.

The wavelength optimized infrared optical system is designed to see through the smoke, ash and haze produced within even the most volatile boilers and furnaces. Recommened for processes where the flame shape is of particular interest and where there isn’t smoke, ash or haze obstructing the view.


System Features:

  • Quick-change system design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Proprietary Bright Image Optical System for sharp images
  • Modular configuration for easy option add-ons and upgrades
  • Compact, easy to handle design
  • Indestructible STEELON™ housings to protect electronic components
  • Advanced lens design for low air consumption
  • Wide field of view and easy assembly/ disassembly
  • High performance, ruggedized imagers for increased durability