Laser Diode Based Open Path Air Quality Monitoring System [LD500(Opsis)]

Laser Diode open path air quality LD500
LD500 is laser Diode Analyzer with NON sampling cross stack Insitu Technology for all process.


  • Approved by USEPA, MCERT, TUV, & 19 other agencies across world.
  • Supplied over 150 industries in India.
  • Cost-effective monitoring
  • High performance monitoring of a range of gases compound
  • Easily Calibrated.
  • Operates with a minimum of maintenance.
  • <span”>Remote control capabilities.
  • No sample system required.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • High sensitivity & high accuracy.

Measuring Parameters:

  • H2S, CO, CO2, THC, H2O, Hcl, Hf, NH3, CH4, O2, Temp.and many more.