Online Hydrogen Purity analyser

  • The Nova Tri-gas analyzers are designed specifically for monitoring H2 purity in the H2 feed to a power generator and to monitor the purging procedure during shut down. The analyzer can measure the following gases by switch selection : Range 1: 0-100.0% H2 in Air; Range 2 : 0-100.0% H2 in CO2; Range 3 : 0-100.0% Air in CO2. A 4-20 mA output is provided for the range of 85-100% H2 in air, along with two gas alarms and a sensor fail alarm.


  • For continuous analysis of hydrogen (H2) purity and for purge monitoring of hydrogen-cooled generators and synchronous converters.


  • Isolated analog, RS232, RS485, MODBUS and Ethernet output available options.
  • Auto calibration option which includes the following features:
    a. Touch-screen display for easy entry of calibration gas settings, alarm set points, and calibration frequency.
    b. One-touch ‘cal-now’ button (magnetic switch in explosion proof control cabinet) permits easy, and complete calibration without needing to open cabinet cover.


  • Channel 1 – Air for Zero, 100% H2 for Span.
  • Channel 2 – 100% CO2 for Zero, 100% H2 for Span.
  • Channel 3 – 100% CO2 for Zero, Air for Span.


  • One analyzer monitors all 3 gases for purity (Range 1) or purging (Ranges 2 and 3) :
    a. Range 1 : 0-100% H2 in Air
    b. Range 2 : 0-100% H2 in CO2
    b. Range 3 : 0-100% Air in CO2.
  • Best value continuous tri-gas analyzer.
  • Bright digital readout, 4-20 mA Outputs.
  • Long life electrochemical thermal conductivity cell with high accuracy and repeatability, cannot be burned out.
  • Explosion proof gas detector enclosure suitable for Class 1 Division 1 Group BCD rated areas, UL/FM/CSA certified.
  • Fast response (T90 -10 to 15 secs).
  • Easy to maintain modular layout.
  • Built in pressure regulator.






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