wtw 2020

UV-Vis Based BOD, COD, TSS, pH Monitoring System

IQ sensor NET (WTW)
With more than 250 systems installed & running in CETP’s/ Industrial Waste Water WTW offer’s the most reliable and cost effective method for continous measuring of the pollutants in water.


  • Approved By TUV
  • Only WTW can Offer
    Sensor made of Titanium
    Ultrasonic cleaning on some sensors
    System-wide lightning protection
    Modular expansion from 1 to 20 sensors
    One cable for power and communications
    System redundancy for bakcup control
    Meets the 7/11 guidelines issued by CPCB
    Full spectium scanning of the measured signal for accurate readings
    River monitoring is also possible
    We also supply all types of online / portable water quality analyses / sensor for control & DM water application
  • The System 2020 XT
    Up to 20 digital sensors, any combination
    Easy, intuitive system expansion
    Centralized power supply along entire network
    Numerous relays and outputs may be selected
    Communicationd via modem, bluetooth, radio transmisson, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, RS-232
    Integrates into existing systems

Measuring Parameters:

  • Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Conductivity, Temprature, Turbidity, TSS, Ammonium, Nitrate, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, SAC