Complete Monitoring Solutions

Air Quality Monitoring

Monitoring Air Quality in India since last 15 years. More than 100 AQM stations installed and running all across India.

Emission Monitoring

We offer both gaseous and PM online measurement systems. Our systems are internationally approved and maintenance-free. 

Water Quality Monitoring

Pioneers in water chemistry. Around 300 stations installed in ETPs, STPs, Rivers and other water bodies in India.

Boiler Instrumentation

We have sold more than 2000 flue gas analyzer all across India. Having service centres all across India for a quick repair.


Power Plants



oil and Gas Industry

Cement Industry

Aluminium Industry

Sugar & Distilleries

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Data Acquisition System is a real time data monitoring system. All the system installed in field can transmit the data online via GSM or Internet. The special Map based system show the data of all the systems installed in India and was developed with colaboration with CPCB and meets all their requirements.

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Results Driven

Successful development and implementation of most advanced and smart technologies to tackle the environmental issues has been the driver of our success.

Proven Technology

Our products and technologies have proven themselves all across the world.

National Presence

We have a strong and dignified presence in India.

Peace Of Mind

Our products are designed to last long with reliability and have a long life.

client testimonials

We are happy with the system, its installation and working so far there has been no requirement of spares. The service being provided by Nevco are also very satisfactory

Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has successfully commissioned 3 nos. of online Oxygen analyzers of M/S OPSIS AB, Sweden make in our thermal power plant…. The Analyzers are working satisfactorily

The two systems were supplied and installed at IGI Airport Delhi & Civil Lines Delhi are operational since August 2010…. The performance of the system is satisfactory

Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station for monitoring has been installed & commissioned in our plant… M/S Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. commissioned the system and the system has been working satisfactorily si

We have installed 1 No. of Continuous Emission Monitor for monitoring of dust in stack, Tribo Electric Principle in our plant. This is being commissioned by M/S Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. and performance of the equipment

Systems are working satisfactorily without any maintenance and after 5 years only one consumable has been used. Those systems are under AMC now and the services being provided by M/S Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are also ve

We have procured a CEM Station (AR600 UV DOAS analyzer) from by M/S Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. The above system is working satisfactorily ever since installed without any maintenance and 100% data capture time is being ac

We have purchased the online CEMS for parameters like SO2, NO, NO2, NOX, CO, HF, SPM, O2. The complete system is installed and commissioned by Indian Distributor M/S Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Till date the analyzers are

Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

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