Desktop Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitor [CO220]

Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

The CO220 Air quality CO2 monitor measures carbon dioxide, air temperature and humidity. The CO220 also calculates dew point and wet bulb. Use in conference rooms, schools, greenhouses, factories, hotels, hospitals and anywhere that high levels of carbon dioxide are generated. Calculates statistical weighted averages of TWA (8 hour Time Weighted Average) and STEL (15 minute Short Term Exposure Limit). Maintenance free NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor. Manually store/recall 99 readings. Complete with AC adaptor.


  • Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), Air Temperature And Humidity, Plus Calculates Dew Point And Wet Bulb
  • Maintenance Free NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) CO₂ Sensor
  • Carbon Dioxide Reading Displayed In Ppm With Six Facial Icons Indicating Indoor Quality Levels
  • Calculates Dew Point And Wet Bulb Values
  • Calculates Statistical Weighted Averages Of TWA (8 Hour Time Weighted Average) And STEL (15 Minute Short Term Exposure Limit)
  • Automatic Baseline Calibration Function
  • Audible High/Low Alarm
  • Displays Year, Month, Day, And Time
  • Manually Store/Recall 99 Readings
  • Complete With AC Adaptor

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