Electromagnetic Flow Meters

MagFlux® flow meters combine high accuracy, stability and low maintenance, Without moving parts, straight through flow sensor and self-cleaning electrodes there is virtually never any need for maintenance, there is no influence on the flow rate, and no pressure drop because of the flow sensor. MagFlux® flow meters use a tested and approved sensing technology giving linear readings over a large range in closed pressurized pipe systems.


  • MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters Deliver Extremely Stable And Accurate Flow Measurements In Pressurized Closed Pipe Systems, Thereby Decreasing Water Waste And Eliminating Non-Revenue Water Loss.
  • The Modular Design Is Versatile. MJK’s Sensors And Converters Cover A Broad Range Of Applications And Can Be Combined To Meet Specific Requirements.
  • Our Instruments Are Designed For Flexibility And Can Be Used In Many Types Of Flow Measuring In Conductive Liquid Applications.
  • MagFlux Flowmeters, Converters And Displays Include A Technically Advanced Enclosure Made Of Glass-Reinforced Polycarbonate, Offering Maximum Protection Against Harsh Industrial Environments.
  • A Single Display Can Operate Up To 4 Flow Converters And Sensors.
  • MJK MagFlux Sensors Are Easy To Install. They Are Build According To The ISO-Standards For Installation Build In Lengths.
  • You Need A Straight Inflow Pipe Which Is Only 3 X The Diameter And A Straight Outflow Pipe Which Is Only Twice The Diameter Of The Flow Meter. For Smaller Dimensions, The Sensor Itself – To A Great Extent – Meets All Build In Lengths

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