Indoor Air Quality Analyser(KANE100-1)

The Kane 100-1 handheld gas analyser measures and logs ambient carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. It helps prove flueless gas appliances like space heaters, water heaters and kitchen equipment operate safely. If faulty or inadequately ventilated, these appliances generate high levels of harmful CO and CO2. With few exceptions, ambient CO levels must be below 10ppm. Flueless appliances also have manufacturer’s recommended limits for ambient CO2 levels.

The Kane 100-1 also measures CO and CO2 for indoor air quality (IAQ) checks. Inadequate ventilation and poorly working appliances will increase CO2 levels causing drowsiness and condensation. Although some laws allow up to 5,000 ppm CO2 within an 8 hr period, IAQ professionals recommend no more than 1,000 ppm CO2 at any time.

The memory facility stores up to 255 sets of readings which can be logged manually or auto logged at 1 to 10 minute intervals. Results can be printed via an optional infra-red printer including a summary of average and maximum levels reached during the logged period.

The Kane 100-1 measures CO up to 1,000ppm using an electrochemical sensor and CO2 up to 10,000 ppm using a NDIR infra-red sensor. It has an easy to use rotary dial, large backlit display, rechargeable batteries and long sensor life, making it ideal for domestic and commercial service engineers or IAQ specialists to confirm CO & CO2 levels in homes, offices, factories, schools, other public buildings and commercial kitchens.


  • Rotary Switch For Ease Of Use
  • Data-Logs Up To 255 Records With Variable Sampling Time From 1-10 Minutes
  • Records Time & Date
  • Prints To Optional Printer Using Infra-Red Emitter (Printer Sold Separately)
  • User Adjustable Alarms For CO & CO2
  • Long Life NiMh Batteries Charged In Situ With Charger
  • Internal Pump For Fast Measurements In Room Air Or Ducts
  • Long Sampling Hose For ‘Silent’ Sampling Of High Profile / Public Areas
  • Headers Can Be Customised By The User


  • Measures & Logs Ambient Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Levels
  • Checks That Flueless Gas Appliances Including Space Heaters, Water Heaters & Kitchen Equipment Are Operating Safely
  • Test CO & CO2 For Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Checks


  • Ambient CO 0-1,000ppm
  • Ambient CO2 0-9,999ppm

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