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  • The Nova Tri-Gas Analyzers Are Designed Specifically For Monitoring H2 Purity In The H2 Feed To A Power Generator And To Monitor The Purging Procedure During Shut Down. The Analyzer Can Measure The Following Gases By Switch Selection : Range 1: 0-100.0% H2 In Air; Range 2 : 0-100.0% H2 In CO2; Range 3 : 0-100.0% Air In CO2. A 4-20 MA Output Is Provided For The Range Of 85-100% H2 In Air, Along With Two Gas Alarms And A Sensor Fail Alarm.


  • For Continuous Analysis Of Hydrogen (H2) Purity And For Purge Monitoring Of Hydrogen-Cooled Generators And Synchronous Converters.


  • Isolated Analog, RS232, RS485, MODBUS And Ethernet Output Available Options.
  • Auto Calibration Option Which Includes The Following Features:
    A. Touch-Screen Display For Easy Entry Of Calibration Gas Settings, Alarm Set Points, And Calibration Frequency.
    B. One-Touch ‘Cal-Now’ Button (Magnetic Switch In Explosion Proof Control Cabinet) Permits Easy, And Complete Calibration Without Needing To Open Cabinet Cover.


  • Channel 1 – Air For Zero, 100% H2 For Span.
  • Channel 2 – 100% CO2 For Zero, 100% H2 For Span.
  • Channel 3 – 100% CO2 For Zero, Air For Span.


  • One Analyzer Monitors All 3 Gases For Purity (Range 1) Or Purging (Ranges 2 And 3) :
    A. Range 1 : 0-100% H2 In Air
    B. Range 2 : 0-100% H2 In CO2
    B. Range 3 : 0-100% Air In CO2.
  • Best Value Continuous Tri-Gas Analyzer.
  • Bright Digital Readout, 4-20 MA Outputs.
  • Long Life Electrochemical Thermal Conductivity Cell With High Accuracy And Repeatability, Cannot Be Burned Out.
  • Explosion Proof Gas Detector Enclosure Suitable For Class 1 Division 1 Group BCD Rated Areas, UL/FM/CSA Certified.
  • Fast Response (T90 -10 To 15 Secs).
  • Easy To Maintain Modular Layout.
  • Built In Pressure Regulator.

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