Outdoor Fixed Sound Level Measuring Instrument Class 1

The simple outdoor unit has a large measurement range and good stability. It has a wide range of applications, such as automatic monitoring of urban environmental noise, online monitoring of noise pollution sources (such as construction sites, factory boundaries, road vehicles, etc.), automatic collection and transmission of noise data, and it has the characteristics of all-weather monitoring and no need for people to be on duty.
The whole unit is small in size, easy to move, install and maintain, and has high reliability. It is suitable for use in environmental protection, factories, enterprises, scientific research institutes and other departments.

Technical Specifications:

Specialty Precision pulse
Microphone AWA14425
Frequency Weighting A, C, Z
Time Weighting F, S, I, Peak
Frequency Range 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Meas. Range 25dB(A)~140dB(A)
Self-generated Noise <18 dBA
Display 128 × 64 OLED
Outputs AC, DC, RS 232
Sampling Frequency 48kHz
Main parameters of measurement Lp, Lmax, Lpeak
Over limit indication YES, Limits can be settled
Power Supply Battery 4×LR 6 or Lithium battery
Working Temperature -15 ℃~ 50 ℃
Executive standard IEC 61672:2013 Class 1 (Certified)

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