Portable Oxygen Analyser(KANE510)

The Kane 510 is a portable oxygen (O2) gas analyser made for accurate, reliable measurement of oxygen content in applications such as welding gases, controlled atmosphere rooms, fermentation and fruit storage areas.

Equipped with a long-life oxygen sensor (with typical expected work life of 7 years), the Kane 510 can measure oxygen content from 0 to 21%. It can also measure temperature levels from 0 to 600°C and can be used to calculate CO2 (carbon dioxide) content as well as combustion efficiency.

You can also choose between different types of fuel using the Kane 510 oxygen analyser; simply turn the rotary dial to ‘Fuel’ and choose between natural gas, propane, LPG, light oil, heavy oil, wood and coal fuel types as needed.

The Kane 510 oxygen analyser has a built-in water trap which should be checked and emptied on a regular basis. This trap is designed to ensure that water in the item you are testing does not interfere and damage the analyser’s internal workings, filtering out the water as you work. A built-in particle filter is also included to stop dust and dirt particles from entering the pump and sensors (this should be changed regularly when the filter becomes discoloured).


  • Rotary Switch For Ease Of Use
  • 7 Year Life Sensor
  • Intelligent Start Up
  • Stored Inlet Temperature


  • Oxygen 0-21%
  • Temperature 0-600°C

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