Portable Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meter

The portable flow meters FLUXUS® F/G601 and FLUXUS® F/G608 measure the flow of liquids and gases nonintrusively by employing the proven transit-time correlation method. Special ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe and are never in direct contact with the medium flowing inside. No cutting into the pipe or process interruption is required for installation.

FLUXUS® offers maximum flexibility:

  • For Virtually Any Pipe Material And Media, Regardless Of The Conductivity And Pressure Level
  • Wide Application Range: Two Pairs Of Transducers Are Sufficient To Cover The Most Common Pipe Diameters In Industrial Applications.
  • The Broad Transducer Range Enables Flow Measurement At Pipes Sizes From 6 Mm To 6500 Mm With Pipe Wall Temperatures From -190 °C Up To +600 °C And Beyond As Well As Within Hazardous Areas (ATEX / IECEx And FM Certified).
  • Highly Reliable Measurements Even At High Solid Contents Or Wet Gas
  • Ideal Measurement Solution For The Determination Of A Building ‘S Or Plant ‘S Thermal Energy Consumption And Total Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Efficient Battery Management Allowing For More Than 25 Hrs. Of Remote Measurement

Flexim metering can be found in applications  that require the highest level of reliability and accuracy

  • Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Product Detection
  • Gas Pipeline Monitoring, Gas Storage, Gas Odorization
  • Highly Corrosive Chemical Flow Measurement
  • Extreme High Temperature Applications 550oC (1000oF)
  • Extreme Low Temperature Applications -212oC (312oF)
  • Naval Ship Testing
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • NASA – Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen Measurement For Rocket Preparation
  • Airbus – Hydraulic Flow Measurement
  • All Google Data Centers
  • University Energy Metering Harvard, MIT, Brown, Princeton, NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Cornell, Brown (Short List Of Universities)
  • “The White House” Energy Metering

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