True RMS Power Analyzer [380803]

The 380803 is a True RMS power analyzer and data logger. Appliance Tester/Power Analyzer simultaneously displays the Wattage, Power Factor or VA, Voltage or frequency (Hz), and Current (Amps) of the device or appliance tested. The built-in data logger can store up to 1,012 readings or you can save data directly to your PC using the built-in RS-232 port and included software. Additional features include: Max Hold, Data Hold, and overload protection. Battery or AC Adaptor Operation provides line isolation. Comes complete with 8 AA batteries, software, cable, power cord, AC Adaptor, and case. Compact, battery operated datalogging appliance tester for analyzing AC/DC power loads.


  • Built-In Datalogger Stores Up To 1,012 Readings (Single Record/Continuous Datalogging).
  • Four Simultaneous Displays Of Watts, Power Factor Or VA, Voltage Or Hz, Amps
  • True RMS Voltage & Current Measurements Of Sine, Square, Triangular And Distorted Wave Forms With A Crest Factor < 5
  • Plug Device To Be Tested Directly Into The Power Analyzer
  • Max, Data Hold And Overload Protection
  • Battery Or AC Adaptor Provides Line Isolation
  • Sampling (Update) Rate Is 2.5 Times/Second
  • Software Included To Download And Store Data To A PC
  • Includes 117V AC Adaptor For Use In Locations Where 110-117V AC Service Is Available. For Areas Where 220V Is In Use, A 220V AC Adaptor (Not Included) Is Required Or Can Be Operated By Batteries Only

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